Vol. I

by Lukewarm

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released March 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Lukewarm Brazil

"The dark side of mind - The painfull awareness of life."

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Track Name: decay
shine on me darkness. i am the future that is falling apart. i am the gallow and the empty body making the weight. i am the son of suicide. take my hand, take me to where I belong to something real. take my hand and kill me because I dont belong to anything real.
Track Name: el síndrome de estocolmo
take my body and throw me away. throw me in the river of mistakes again. take my body and cut in pieces to find from where this is coming from. no pain is enough. i want you to love me. i want you to leave me, and i want you to throw me away. all these feelings that never ends, but i dont wanna leave them, they're all I have.
Track Name: perdent du terrain
just seeking feelings and remembering of the things that are happening to me. i'm losing ground every day living in this prison without walls. they're taking my fire, taking away my love, what was everything to me. and what's left of me has become this garbage, the opposite of a happy person. i can not go - living this pain. i'm almost giving up
Track Name: (...)
born. suffer. die.
Track Name: hollow
the pleasure comes down to something very momentary. no matter how long, no matter the intensity it always die in a cruel way in the comfort of my bed at the end of each day. where i want to sleep until the end of the days, and why not, die in a even more cruel way? there is more cruel way to be dead than be alive and watch the pleasure of everything... die at the end of each day at bedtime in the comfort of my bed?